Unique HR Solutions

A collaboration with HRpeople includes:

  • Personal external HR Partner
  • Access to a human resources department
  • High level of competence-skilled specialised HR Consultants
  • Flexibility and efficiency-I determine tasks and when to solve them
  • HR Consultants updated on the new rules, trends and surveys

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What our customers say

“HRpeople has provided a perfect sparring and has been a great help in determining processes in our newly established department. With the help of HRpeople, our recruitment process has been improved, resulting in more skilled staff and a more efficient recruitment process. HRpeople contributed a number of tools that have been implemented and are used on a daily basis in our company. “

Daniel M Office & HR Manager

“I have had the pleasure of working together one of HRpeoples consultants in HUGO BOSS Nordic. The consultant had to train me and acted as a kind of mentor for me while getting quietly into my new job as HR Advisor. “

Maria Louise JohanssonHR Advisor at HUGO BOSS Nordic

“A perfect solution for a medium-sized company that does not have the opportunity to hire a full-time HR manager. I have had invaluable benefit from HRpeople as interim HR Manager, where they have assisted with the optimisation of CPS Chemical products & Services A/S’s organization based on a well-being analysis and otherwise performed all the company’s HR tasks, including Recruitment and PU Conversations “

Peter Goth Engel Director, THYLANDER Group

“Scalepoint has used HRpeople for 2 1/2 years as HR partner one day a week with reference to the Executive Board and has over the period employed over 25 new employees. Scalepoint has been particularly pleased with the cooperation with HRpeople, which in addition to solving specific HR-related tasks has helped to structure and implement fixed procedures: advertising, retention and development. “

Peter Heering, 2013CEO, Scalepoint Technologies Ltd

“I know HRpeople from several pages. First, I was part of their advisory board, but I have also availed myself of their great experience as HR advices. In both situations I’ve seen HRpeople as experts in their field. Experts who have the ability to put them elves into a situation to come up with a solution in a constructive manner that was easy to put into practice. In highly recommend HRpeople if you need an HR consultant and general HR management in everyday life. “

Nicolas ZangenbergCEO, Conscribo

“One of the success criteria for a healthy growth company is also structured HR management, staff administration and professional recruitment procedures. This focus should all be thought of in establishing a new company – we chose HRpeople. HRpeople has really understood the importance of putting the right team from the start and especially their ability to quickly and accurately assess candidates ‘ human and social abilities has been excellent. “

Peter LaanCTO & Co-Founder, Preview Networks

“The whole recruitment was handled highly structured and also included job description and contract preparation. A professional experience that we look forward to availing ourselves of again. “

Niels Fester Partner, Compass Lean Academy

“Ticket to Heaven has used HRpeople in connection with the various HR tasks that required a HR expertise. We have implemented and incorporated processes around job descriptions and mice, including sparring for the conversation and feedback. In parallel, we have used HRpeople for rekruttteringsopgaver, including tests and interviews as well as coaching for employees who have wanted this. As a leader it is important for me to get a constant sparring and coaching – also on the management of employees and the administration of the HR processes to be implemented and in relation to self development, I can recommend other managers to use HRpeople, which always provides Professional service. “

Lone HarderSales Manager, Ticket to Heaven

“With great enthusiasm and skills HRpeople was in charge of a large recruitment project recruiting several new employees for our organization. During this time of 4 weeks we got to know HRpeople as a very experienced HR organization taking responsibility for every retail in the project. In a very sympathic and loyal way they traded the project from start to end. We had a successful experience working with HRpeople during this time and have been inspired as well. “


“The CDM has an agreement with the external company, HRpeople, which at least once a month is a consultant at the company. It is also the HRpeople that is responsible for the so-called mouse conversations, as well as the practicalities of recruitment. In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the HR help has also helped to keep employees in the CDM. “

(Delhi)Director, CDM A/S

“HRpeople are known for their long experience, strong professional engagement in and knowledge of HR. They are dedicated in creating business value through professional HR and people. Nothing will stop them from ensuring that organizations, managers and employees get the best possible HR-solutions. Dedicated and dynamic, they thoroughly analysis the HR-challenges and tailor their products and advice to insure the relevant match between the Company’s culture, strategy and needs. Due to their HR-knowledge and tactful and warm personality, they help to focus on the challenges and resources each client has, without crossing the fine line of personal integrity and diplomacy that creates trust between management, HR and the individual in a Company, thus enabling powerful HR results and ROI. It was a great pleasure working with HRpeople whom always projects a positive, service-orientated, emphatic and warm attitude. I can strongly recommend HRpeople for any HR-related task. “

Charlotte Hanne Place BlackOrganizational Director & Project Manager

“We use HRpeople fixed for jobs, mice and evaluation interviews, etc. HRpeople has a great human knowledge, which has saved us too many mistakes. The result is large. All in all, a good investment! “

Martin Falslev AndersenFounder, Trend Sales

“We are a software and consultancy company with Core development in Ukraine. A company of our size, 50 employees, divided into many different functions is not large enough to maintain a full-time internal HR function, but as the company’s employees are our greatest asset, it is important that we continually optimize everything About these, and therefore have a pronounced degree of need to resolve the tasks inherent in a HR function in a professional manner. We are able to do so with the close cooperation we have with HRpeople. The consultant is a familiar face in the house, everyone knows who she is, and everyone talks to her when she gets past every week. The tasks vary, and we have managed to have the HR administration and its processes in place, which strengthens the individual leader in his daily work. Examples of the tasks we get solved are:

  • Building and focus on HR administration
  • Setting up HR procedures and using HR documents
  • Recruitment tasks with DisC profile analyses
  • Organisation/Management by annual climate analysis, including action plan and reporting
  • Competency development and measurement of level
  • Sparring and insight into HR tasks.
(Erin)Partner, CDM A/S

I can recommend a HRpeople as external sparring and cooperation partner in HR cases.
She is spot on for the classic fall groups incl. Use of the HR law for the benefit of both employees and the company. This, so that you can spend as much time as possible developing the company, creating momentum and results together.

Peder Grims SquadManaging Director at Aaron Equipment Company