Implementation of HR strategy

A good and effective HR strategy addresses the company’s business strategy and is based on the areas where the company wants to strengthen the organisation.


Themes for strategic HR

  • Developing a good change management process
  • Leadership Development and management training
  • Motivation and employee development
  • Upgrading of employees
  • Hiring the right employees
  • Greater efficiency in the organization
  • Preparation of the APV and follow-up
  • Employee feedback on performance
  • Reducing sick leave
  • Managing wellbeing and stress


Bottom line output for the company

  • An organisation that is strategically aware of it. Innovation and challenges
  • Better performance and results
  • Less sick leave, greater well-being and better retention
  • Better recruitment and onboarding
  • More competent and dedicated employees
  • Structured and implemented fixed HR procedures

What is a human resources strategy?

A HR strategy is a business strategy that specifically focuses on how employees become a competitive advantage for the company. The strategy should describe where the company is moving towards relative to employee relationships and what resources are needed to achieve this.

The HR strategy is recommended to be an integrated part of the company’s business strategy to ensure that the company has the right resources and priorities to support the future business plan.